Taroa is the mane of an Alta Guajira’s location, surrounded by beautiful reddish dunes that stent all the way to the sea shore. Taroa is in the middle of a deserted area, located 5 hours from Riohacha by car ride. It is recognized for its exuberant landscape and beautiful sunsets.

Taroa is the ideal place to enjoy nature and a cultural exchange with the Wayúu ethnic; therefore, lately, it has become an interesting ETNO-Tourism destination.


Taroa Lifestyle Hotel in Riohacha is the first Wayúu Lifestyle Hotel in Colombia. It represents the new concept of boutique hotels: small, intimate, modern and economical, highlighting the quality and attention for each service provided.

La Guajira is inspiration: Its evenings, deserts, the Caribbean Sea and its Wayúu culture.

Every space in Taroa Lifestyle Hotel is inspired on the Wayúu culture, which is represented in their weaves, ceramics, vegetation, gastronomy and the attention of our staff. Complements that generate loyalty to our guests and make them feel at home.

Taroa Lifestyle Hotel is operated by IHA – International Hotel Alliance SAS, and staffed with native Wayúu people whose colorful costumes, kindness and warmth will show you the charm of our town.

Visit us and feel the Wayúu magic.