Taroa Lifestyle Hotel has a privileged location and it is close the Riohacha’s main points of interest and commerce. It also offers a large number of activities and tours to the different natural reserves in the region, including:

Taroa Beaches:
Located in the Alta Guajira. Known for their sea and the red-sand dunes, which stretch all the way to the sea shores .

Mayapo Beaches:
At the north of Colombia, 5 kilometers from Riohacha. It is Wayúu fishing village. You will enjoy the crystal clear waters and untouched landscapes.

Rancherías Wayúu:
If you want to know even more about the Wayúu culture, you may want to visit the Rancherías (typical Wayúu Village), where you will enjoy the typical gastronomy and native cultural events.

Camarones Beaches:
This Beach is located 15 minutes from Riohacha by car ride. In Camarones, you will find the SANTUARIO DE FLORA Y FAUNA LOS FLAMENCOS, which a national reserve and home to thousands of pink flamingos and also a shelter for other birds and aquatic species. Here you will find a wonderful place for resting and relaxing known as EL REMANSO DEL SANTUARIO, which features a restaurant, offering a good variety of seafood served at seashore in traditional “enramadas Wayúu”.

Riohacha’s Touristic Dock:
It is almost one-kilometer long. From this dock you can see the famous Riohacha sunsets. It is currently operated by the Ecopetrol – Chevron’s association.

Cabo de La Vela:
This site is located in Alta Guajira, under Uribia’s jurisdiction. It is a deserted area occupied by Wayúu Indians, renowned for its beaches, places of myths and legends including Kama’ichi (sugar loaf), considered by the Wayúus as the sacred space where the spirits of the dead arrived to move to an unknown place. In Cabo de la Vela you’ll find traditional Wayúu lodge facilities. Cabo de la Vela is 2 ½ hour car ride from Tarora Lifestyle Hotel.

Serranías La Macuira:
Located at the Border between Colombia and Venezuela. It considered an oasis within La Guajira’s desert.

El Silencio:
Place known for it’s river currents, located in the Distracción, a township to the south of La Guajira.

Salinas de Manaure:
Manaure’s sea salt production center is located 1 hour by road from Taroa Lifestyle Hotel.

Is one of the biggest open-sky coal mine complexes in the worlds. It is located under Barrancas Jurisdiction, a township to the south of La Guajira. Its main entrance is an hour and a half by road from Taroa Lifestyle Hotel.

Taroa Beaches


camarones beaches

Riohacha’s Touristic Dock

cabo de la vela

la macuira

salinas de manaure