Restaurante Chimale



    CHIMALE at TAROA LIFESTYLE HOTEL is a casual restaurant in which you will be able to enjoy the representative flavours of Colombia’s La Guajira. CHIMALE is a journey that starts with the uniqueness of the Wayuu culture, recreated in their meats, grains and soups to the guajiro rice dishes, refreshing drinks and the most rich variety of our seafood. It’s the reunion between tradition and innovation. It also offers international cuisine.

    Terraza Bar Aliuuka


    Aliuuka in Wayuunaiki means evening time, which for the Wayuu is the ideal time to go out and meet friends to chat and enjoy the sunset.

    Aliuuka seeks to provide the perfect ambiance for entertainment with friends. We intent Aliuuka to be the site of choice for after-hour relax. It will also become the ideal location to have wonderful conversations.

    All of which will be combined with the most exquisite offer of food and drinks from La Guajira’s traditional cuisine, such as the traditional roast goat marinated in herb sauce, red wine and BBQ, the typical friche, arepas de chichiguare, roast costeño cheese, caribañolas filled with fish, meat and goat meat, salads, ceviches and fish burgers. No doubt, Aliuuka is the ideal place to enjoy a good wine, cocktails and all kinds of different drinks.

    Aliuuka presents live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays nights from 8pm to 12 am.